On-Site Training To Increase Viability of Positioning Quality

  • Evaluate group strengths/weaknesses thru clinical image quality review
  • Tailor training to group and specific technologists
  • Encourage team approach
  • Potentially identify in-house trainer
  • Provide documentation of overall findings for EQUIP and/or accreditation if needed
    • To Include:
      • CEU Positioning Program
      • Hands-on training with a model
      •  Clinical time with patients

After an on-site (or offsite) appraisal of current images the focus of the trainer is to facilitate acquisition of appropriate breast tissue in a manner achievable by each technologist to meet both EQUIP and accrediting body image criteria. Although principals are based on standardized positioning techniques, the trainer will also tailor the program to the body habitus of the individual technologist when necessary. The end goal is to enhance the capabilities of each individual and promote a viable approach to early detection thru quality imaging and to enhance imbuing the team with a renewed sense of passion in their profession.

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Download The Improve CDR Thru Positioning  PDF

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